Fuel Labs 80M$ Fund raising, steps to join early tester

Fuel Labs has raised $80 million in a round led by Blockchain Capital and Stratos Technologies.

The startup hopes to offer the best developer experience in blockchain with its “modular execution layer.”

According to an announcement on Tuesday, with Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alameda Research, CoinFund, Bain Capital Crypto, TRGC, Maven 11 Capital, Blockwall, Spartan, Dialectic and ZMT all participating in this 80M$ fund raising.


The startup did not disclose further details of the raise. Fuel offers a different take on tackling blockchain’s perceived problems. It was conceived as a Layer 2 scaling technology, and it became the first optimistic rollup launched on Ethereum in late 2020, per today’s announcement.


Now, with more than 60 engineers working on the project, Fuel styles itself as a “modular execution layer” (MEL) — comparable with but subtly different from Layer 2 protocols like Polygon.


How to join Airdrop?

In 15th Nov the team launched beta-2 Testnet phase . And they mentioned beta 2 phase will not be incentive airdrop . A few days before when Aptos launch their Testnet they said they won’t Airdrop but finally when mainnet launch successful they have anounce airdrop for early tester 2000$-5000$ worth of APT token while Aptos’s fund raising was total 150M$ . But Fuel Labs raised 80M$ in very early stage and may raise more funding. There is so small steps to join airdrop don’t miss it .


Steps To join:

Go to the link and download Zip file for wallet extension.

Link: https://github.com/FuelLabs/fuels-wallet/blob/master/docs/INSTALL.md



Now go to your browser and click extension option
Now Click on Developer Option and click +Zip option and select zip downloaded wallet file from your device.


In android use Mises or Kiwi browser and for PC you can use any browser supporting Extension.



Then Create Wallet > Copy phrase key > paste your key > Then continue > Then choose password.




Save your key in your notes. If someone access your key they can control your wallet. If you delete wallet you can recover wallet through this key.



Then Go to wallet and copy your address and get faucet click by faucet option.



Then paste your address and confirm captcha and claim faucet.



Then Go to Dapps and click connect option.



After connect a pop-up will be shown automatically in your extension then click sign in. Then type something in this box and click sign message then confirm it in extension.



After done this click On transfer button and confirm it in extension.


Then the task will finished successfully. Mind it this is Testnet you can face lots of error if facing error then try after some hours. Join their discord and twitter with stay update.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fuellabs_
Discord: https://discord.gg/fuelnetwork


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