UPI Recon with UPI-INT | How to discover UPI Address

What is UPI Recon

It is used for UPI payment address discovery and reconnaissance. The project was primarily created for demonstrating the range of correlated information that can be extracted from and along with Unified Payments Interface (“UPI”) Virtual Payment Addresses.


UPI-INT is an Indian osint tool based on recon on UPI for information gathering and analysis.


AVAILABLE OS Platforms :

  • Termux
  • Windows
  • Linux

Credit: https://github.com/BiswajeetRay7/UPI-INT 

Source: github.com



You need NodeJs 10 or later to run this tool. You can install NodeJs

On Linux

sudo apt-get install nodejs

Although there is no need to install NodeJs on Kali Linux, as its packages are already present in Kali Linux.

On Termux

pkg install nodejs-lts

How to install?

Clone this Repo by using following command

git clone https://github.com/BiswajeetRay7/UPI-INT

Now Open cloned directory


Now Install Dependencies

npm install 

Now Run Tool

npm start


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