How to install waybacksurls in kali linux (2022)

Today I am going to explain in a simple way to install waybackurls in kali Linux So Lets get start then.

  • Step 1: open terminal in kali
  • Step 2: We need to install go lang , if already you installed you can check by typing “go version ” if not installed then install by typing sudo apt install golang install golang
  • Step 3: then after installation we need to install waybackurls now lets install by typing or simply copy paste this command ” go install “
  • Step 4: So now we successfully completed all steps now we have to go for bin path and copy that path for local bin
  • ls
  • cd /go/bin/waybackurls
  • cp waybackurls /usr/local/bin

like in the below picture I showed how to do it

Boom!! We did it 🤩

You can confirm by checking any wordlist

Here I checked one wordlist for confirmation

Usage for single domain/url: waybackurls

Usage for multiple domains/urls: cat domains.txt | waybackurls > urls

Thank you for reading this