Phases Of Ethical Hacking

what are the phases of ethical hacking

before beginning lets know what is system hacking

so any device which is connected with a network can be exploitable , its a process exploiting vulnerability in any electric systems for the purpose of gaining unauthorized access to those systems, here attacker use a lot of new and variety techniques to find vulnerability and bypass the system which may use including phishing , social engineering and password guessing



lets quickly see the phases of hacking

Gaining Access
Maintaining Access
clearing track



its 1st step in ethical hacking attacker gather information about the victim here we usually collect information about three groups

a. Network
b. Host

there are two types footprinting:
active: which is directly interacting with the target to gather information about the target
example: nmap, nessus , acunetix

passive: here we collect the information without directly accessing the target,
for example: osnit, whoami,


this second step in ethical hacking here hacker try to deep search into system to lookup vulnerability
ethical hacker try to prevent organization attacks by using this network scanning effectively

there are three types of scanning
a. Port scanning: here this phase of involves scanning the target for the information like open ports, live system, various service running on the host

b. vulnerability scanning: attacker check the target for weakness or vulnerabilities which can be exploited usually done with help of tools

c. networking Mapping: Finding the topology of network, routers, firewalls servers if any, and host info and drawing a network diagram with the on the market info. This map could function a valuable piece of knowledge throughout the hacking method.
Gaining access: this is phase where an attacker compromise the system using some tools or methods , after successfully entered into a system,

3.Gaining Access:

This section is wherever associate assaulter breaks into the system/network victimization numerous tools or ways. once stepping into a system, he needs to increase his privilege to administrator level therefore he will install associate application he desires or modify knowledge or hide knowledge

4.Maintaining Access:

after getting into system now hacker need to maintain access, maintaining connection between the target and hacker until he finish the task without prior knowledge of the user this can be done using trojans, rootkit or other some malicious files.

5.clearing track:

last phase of ethical hacking now after breaking into system after completing task now before exit he needs clear his track , so no one knows find him This involves modifying/corrupting/deleting the values of Logs, modifying registry values and uninstalling all applications he used and deleting all folders he created.